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Whether you are shopping for luxury or necessity on a big or small budget we can provide you with advice and products to help you achieve that close, comfortable and luxurious shave not many men dare to even dream about. We also have everything you need to help keep your beard looking awesome. Drop in at Fate Salon located at 31 Jarvis Street to view or purchase from a selection of popular products. Order online to get access to our full catalog. Convenient in-store pickup and FREE local delivery. Subscribe to our blog via RSS, on our website or follow us on Google+, Facebook or Twitter and receive exclusive offers.

Experience our products at Fate Salon. The fragrance of a freshly infused Taylor of Old Bond Street lather fills the room as you relax under a hot towel. The warm lather is next applied to your face in preparation for a straight razor shave. Finally, a facial toner and aftershave are applied to nourish and protect the skin and leave you feeling and smelling great. Bearded clients will enjoy an application of Always Bearded Lifestyle house blend beard oil and beard balm to demonstrate how a properly nourished and groomed beard can look, feel and smell great. Book a haircut, beard trim or straight razor shave with Mike by calling Fate Salon or using this form.

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Some discounts, special pricing and coupon codes redeemable with online orders only. Free in-store pickup. Free delivery within GFE. Separate special pricing in store. Capture the most savings by browsing online and in store. Shipping not available (inquire for exception).

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